JROOZ TOEFL Review Center Makati

JRooz TOEFL Review Center Makati is the top review center for the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL).

As a review center for licensed physical therapists seeking to work abroad, JROOZ prides itself with providing top-tier coaching services for its clients. TOEFL is one of the hurdles facing professionals, medical students and international students aspiring to migrate the United States of America. Seeing that no center operates a top caliber review that meets international standards, JROOZ launched its own TOEFL review center program.

Since its inception, the company has ensured that the TOEFL program it offers not only prepares students for the exam, but it also strengthens the English skills of its trainees allowing them to adapt better to their future environment. JROOZ’s commitment to excellence in service has driven it to create and revise the program according to student needs and the dictates of the industry.

Backed up by the best TOEFL coaches in the field, facilities that meet international standards, and the most caring support staff, JROOZ TOEFL Review Center Makati can boast that it has carved its own niche in the TOEFL training industry, comparable to no one but itself.

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Contact Information:

Unit 2515 Cityland Herrera Tower Valero cor. Rufino St. Salcedo Village, Makati City

[email protected]

(02) 750-2748 | 0917-8606627

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