Program Features

  • 6 weeks subscription to portal website for unlimited access on our lecture videos and practice materials.
  • Live Lectures for 5 consecutive days (Monday-Friday) on all components via Gototraining.
  • 15 complete sets(LRWS) downloadable practice materials.
  • Weekly simulated written tests(LRW) every Monday. (Total of 5 sessions consumable in 6weeks).
  • Checking of Writing Feedback. (5 writing output from simulated writing test via email).
  • 3× per week group coaching sessions. (Total of 15 group sessions consumable in 6weeks).

Interactive Lectures

Each subtest (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) is allotted with in depth 3 hours of live lectures and interactive online class discussions, which give students opportunity to ask for clarifcations while learning with other students.

Practice Materials

Up-to-date materials help students gain more exposure to various topics (listening, reading, and writing), which can be accomplished on their pace. Frequency of practice also depends on the availability of the students.

Mock Tests

Practicing for the future actual exam requires exposure to different materials, which is why a simulation of the IELTS exam is facilitated weekly, using up-to-date IELTS test materials.

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