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Since 2001, Jrooz Review Center has continuously provided the Filipino people with top-of-the-line review programs. Our international English exam preparation courses (IELTS and TOEFL) are known for its 100% passing rate due to its individualistic approach and integration of student-centered innovations. The NPTE and Local PT Licensure Exam reviews are spearheaded by instructors from the Philippines’ top universities and have yet to fail to produce top-notchers each season.

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A Name You Can Trust:

Jrooz Review Center’s track record of excellence made it the review center top migration and consultancy agencies trust. Clients of these companies are sent to Jrooz Review Center to be trained on international exams that are required to study, work, or migrate abroad. Jrooz Review Center is also a registered agent of international organizations, the British Council and IDP.


Always Growing and Developing:

Looking for the best place to hone your communication skills? JRooz Review Center is the country’s leading provider of English language training with various branches across major metropolitan areas: Makati, Manila, Cebu, Davao and Baguio. These branches offer comprehensive yet inexpensive English course training programs that help students reach their full potential and fulfill their careers abroad.
JRooz Review’s most recent offering: its newest branch in the heart of Quezon City. Aspiring Quezon City students can now avail of JRooz’s top-caliber learning experience and affordable review classes. JRooz Quezon City can service not only students living in the northern part of Metro Manila and but also those from neighboring provinces.
JRooz believes that learning is not “one size fits all.” Our comprehensive review programs are tailored to suit students’ needs and help them achieve their target score. Delivered only by competent and highly trained instructors who know IELTS and OET inside and out, JRooz Quezon City promises to uphold quality and excellence with which JRooz Review is known for.

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Success Doesn’t Come by Chance.

Success comes through students’ own enthusiasm and hard work … channeled into a disciplined and properly-oriented study program that has been meticulously designed by the best and most experienced teachers to provide the motivation, focus and resources required to pass the toughest exams.

JROOZ REVIEW CENTER is proud of the high percentage that our students consistently achieve. Success doesn’t come by chance.

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