Review Center Testimonials

English IELTS



“IELTS is not just a simple english test, but it can change people’s lives. Some say it’s impossible to achieve a grade of 8.0 but with the help and guidance I received from Jrooz, I was able to hit my desired score! Kudos to everyone who put the even together and to Jrooz who live up to their reputation!”

-Jane Sheila Joson


“I’d like to thank Jrooz for helping me prepare for my exam through your flexible schedules and accommodating staffs. I recently got my results and I’m very satisfied”

-Mogarte, Justin John

Josephine Gercio

I just wanna say thanks so much for your support and for patiently teaching everyone! Because of Jrooz and the way they teach and the techniques. I learned a lot and I passed  the IELTS…I’m so happy;-) ;-) Thanks po

– Josephine Gercio

John Dexter Esparar


I would like to thank you for all the things you have done to help me preparing for the IELTS. I am especially grateful for your patience and kindness. I must mention that the time I started preparing for the exam, I was completely unconfident about my skills and I even thought I had a very low chances to get my desired band score. But you managed to build my confidence and knowledge. Also, I am very grateful for your advices about relaxing and keeping myself calm at the exams – it really worked. 

So, the results of our cooperation surpassed my highest expectations.

Thank you once again for working with me. My Special thanks to sir Arnold and Ma’am Grace for helping me achieve this success. 

– John Dexter A. Esparar 

Stephenie Rae Copruz


I would like to simply extend my gratitude for all the things you have done to help me with my IELTS Examination. I am really thankful for your excellent service that provided me. At first, I really have no idea what IELTS is all about and what modules to take but you were there to help me and gave me ideas. You helped to be totally confident of myself and trust my capabilities. I am also thankful for all the things you have taught me. Thank you for the advice and for sharing to me your insights–it really helped a lot during the exam. to Sir Arnold and to Ma’am Grace, thank you for your untiring patience and support during the review sessions. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for believing in me. You are a big part of my this success.

– Stephanie Rae B. Corpuz, RN  

 april leonard

I would like to thank JRooz Review Center for their dedication during my review to get the band score that I need. I was given strategies in answering the test easily during the examination.

– April Leonardo 

 Hennie Lauren Raymund

I got the score that I needed with the help of JRooz Review Center. Thank you for all the teachers who taught us patiently. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to have the confidence to answer all the questions especially in the English Speaking task.

Thank you JRooz and more POWER!

– Hennie Lauren Raymundo

I am Sharlene Alba,  My required score is 5.5 and I got a score of 6.5. My trainer is Ms. Grace but Ms. Janina did my final coaching. I had my review from November 12-23, 2012 and took my exam last December 1, 2012. Before I took the intensive review at JROOZ, I did a self review wherein I borrowed IELTS advanced book and cd from a library. It wasn’t easy because I didn’t take it seriously since nobody is supervising me but at least it gave me a background somehow. When I started JROOZ training, Ms. Grace taught us almost everything that we need to learn. It is indeed true that we should not underestimate IELTS because it’s not that easy. Having trained will surely help us pass the test. Tips especially on Reading and Writing helped me a lot.


I am Baby Ouida Rivera, A former college classmate now in Australia advised me to aim for at least an 8 in all the IELTS areas so I can have additional points for migration. I did not take any chances. I searched for a reputable IELTS Review Center in Cebu and I came across JROOZ.

I took the fast track course which suited my schedule. It was a comprehensive four weekend course. The reviewers at JROOZ are young, but very experienced in their field. They have been able to provide the needed pointers and guidance in preparation for the IELTS examination.

I was in the middle of Annual Budgeting and Interim Audit when I took the exam. The odds notwithstanding I did quite well. I could have done better if only I had the time to follow all the pointers I was given. In my one on one for Writing, I was given a 7.5 mark by my reviewer and I was advised how to ace the test. I was too busy at work and failed to follow through. Writing is my lowest in the four areas as I only got a 7.5, but I got an 8 in Listening and 9 in both Speaking and Reading.

I will definitely recommend JROOZ to my family and friends who are planning to take the IELTS Examination.

– Baby Ouida Rivera-Montesclaros, Financial Controller



“Passing an IELTS is never an easy feat as you have to go through seemingly insurmountable odds. However, the sprung of several Review Centers has made this predicament within reach. I, myself personally chose JROOZ among others because it was apparently clear that they have the most excellent and most student-friendly approach to teaching; Lectures from one-on-one coachings. Practice sessions are tailored-fit to all student types and strategies to each subtest are adaptable and comprehensible. Add the fact that you are guided and mentored by very accommodating, highly reputable, and equally-brilliant educators. JROOZ Review Center is undeniably a total package! See it for yourself and be the next successful IELTS passer there is! P.S: My sincerest gratitude to the administrators and educators of JROOZ Review Center (Most Especially to Ma’am Isabel, Ma’am Mayi, Ma’am Franz, Ma’am Jam, Sir Ed, and Sir Leaonard) I owe my success to you may you continue to be a vehicle of hope and success to everyone.

– Brylle Ian Datugan


“Hi Jrooz Manila! Thank you for making me achieve more than my desired score under your Intensive Review Program! Within the span of two weeks, I got anything I need to learn about the IELTS. Those few coaching sessions have really pointed out my weaknesses. But of course, nothing beats practicing what you’ve learned at home. Thank to all the helpful and excellent lecturers especially Sir Leonard, Maam Mayi, Maam Isabel, and Maam Jessa! JROOZ+PRACTICe+PRAYERS is the formula! To God be the Glory!”

– Terry Mae Sarcia

I feel so blessed that God has directed me to JROOZ Review Center. I got the chance to meet a lot of wonderful and cool people. The staff members are all welcoming, approachable and supportive. The mentors are very smart and friendly which makes the sessions enjoyable. The teaching methods used are very comprehensive and practical. Because of the limited class size, each student was given proper attention. There were a lot of times that they would have to adjust to our needs that made us inspired and encouraged to learn more. They are really amazing! JROOZ Review Center also provided us with at hand privileges such as the availability organized learning materials, effective strategies, exam tips and study techniques that helped me get through my IELTS exam in a more prepared manner. I am indeed so thankful to JROOZ! It offered me the confidence I very much needed .Being a part of JROOZ is truly an awesome experience! It is my deepest gratitude for enhancing us students to our very best. God bless and more power!

-Ms. Len Reyes

I trusted JROOZ Review Center because I know that they are accredited by both IDP and British Council. I took the IELTS exam last August 2013. It was a shaky experience because I didn’t know how I will focus. But I just kept in mind the basic techniques JROOZ taught me. Thank God! I was able to reach my target score!

-Padilla, Mark Phillips

The first time I attended the IELTS review in JROOZ I am so nervous because I’m not really in to English. I can speak but sometimes of course there will always be a mistake specifically in grammar. Anyway, I chose the unlimited program because I still don’t have any schedule yet for the examination and I wanted to be ready when I take the exam through their ENDORSEMENT POLICY. My review experience is really unforgettable. About the coaching I really like it because they will give you a lot of exams so that you will familiarize all the techniques on how to answer the exams. If you choose the unlimited program you can still come back anytime you want. You can still join the other batch and make a schedule to have one on one with the coach specially in speaking. They will practice you on how the speaking exam goes and teach you some techniques on answering the questions given to you. I really had a great time reviewing in JROOZ Manila branch! It enhances my English skills. The staff is so welcoming they will cheer you up every time you had a hard time in one of the exercises. The instructors are so approachable even if your review schedule is done and you still have a question, they will still help you. We can also SMS our instructors if we have questions. The students per class is only limited up to 20 students per batch so that they can focus on the students unlike the other review centers they keep on accepting students even if they can’t manage it anymore. They will give you really hard exams on other exercises like in writing and reading so that you will be practiced on thinking on what to write and find the answer on the context. JROOZ Manila Branch is really recommendable if you are looking for an IELTS review center! Thank you JROOZ for helping me in achieving my target grade! :)

-Ms. Jhezza Olib



JROOZ IELTS Review was a big help to me. If I would have not taken this program, I would have received a low score in my exams and I may have not met my required band score. With only two weeks of review, JROOZ helped me improve my English skills.


I would like to thank JROOZ for helping me reach my dreams. The instructors are very supportive to us. They never let us down and make sure that our confidence is built. JROOZ provide all the information and materials that are needed during our IELTS review. One-on-one coaching is very effective for us to learn. With its accessible location, affordable review fee and high caliber Instructors, I will definitely recommend my friends to review in JROOZ because it is the best IELTS review center.

-Abad, Rhodora



Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the Jrooz family. I came to this review center with high expectations because I have read testimonials that they were among the top caliber when it comes to IELTS and they exceeded such expectations. I am very thankful to be one of the successful IELTS passers and it wouldn’t be possible without the support and pressure (he he ) of all the remarkable instructors who were very passionate and determined in helping all of their students succeed in this journey.

I want to give a huge shout out to sir Ferds and Sir Junie for being patient with me during the two-week intensive review and writing workshop. Thank you so much for the test-taking tips and constructive criticisms that helped me excel and achieve more than what was required of me. Also, to those who have difficulty with writing, I HIGHLY recommend to take the workshop because this is the part that is most challenging (Well, for me he he). I hope that all students will take advantage of this workshop because it will definitely boost their writing skills and reach their desired band score and even more… The endless submission of essays can be overwhelming but it will be worth it in the end! 

To everyone who will be taking the exam, always remember to pray for guidance, persevere, put into heart all that is taught in class, and believe that you will slay the IELTS test because you can!  Lastly, to the administrative staff, thank you for being accommodating and continuously assisting me all throughout the registration process. You have all been very kind to me! God bless!

– Kawi, Joelle Thadine


My deepest gratitude to Jrooz Baguio, those 2 weeks of intense review and coaching helped me a lot in conquering the mose difficult and nerve-wracking exam that I ever took. Speacial thanks to Sir Ferds and all the staff. You’re doing a fine great job, please keep it up.

– Franjo Lamadrid

I have been with Jrooz for only a short time but their IELTS program has helped me a during the time I prepared for my exam. They have very qualified reviewers who are always ready to share their knowledge and to teach those who are eager to learn. They also have various practice tests that will definitely hone one’s test taking skills. Most of all, they have very friendly and welcoming staff who never fails to ease one’s anxiety. Jrooz truly provides a good training ground for those who really want to excel. They do it not in a dictatorial manner but learning is done in a relaxing and comforting environment. Thanks Jrooz and thanks Miss Dianne for the heartfelt support.

– Maria Louie Chiana Mutia, USRN

Preparing for my IELTS examination at JROOZ Review Center was a fun experience for me. The review center was great, it had an interactive approach of teaching towards their students were in they are challenged on thinking and exposing them to new ideas. I really learned a lot from my 2-week review from them, they started me with a diagnostic test to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and workout my weak points in the four phases of the IELTS examination. However, I was not good in all areas, so the teachers, Ms. Jaz and Ms. Crisna really gave their best to help me by teaching me strategies on how to pass the exam as well as bring out the confidence in me. I am so glad that I was able to reach my target band score and this will really help out with my career job in the future. I am certain that the students who are currently reviewing at JROOZ will achieve their goals too!

– Ellen Grace Canama



To pass the ielts exam, especially in the academic level, requires three things. First, would be your full and undivided attention and time. Depending on your skill level, constant practice and continuous learning, particulary in writing is integral to at least a 7 band score. Second would be accepting the challenge and preparing yourself for the hard task ahead. The road to that saturday exam will be a rigorous one and requires you to exert a lot of effort, and i mean A LOT!!! You have to be physically as well as mentality ready. And lastly, believe in yourself. Have faith in the preparation you have made and just do your best.

– Edwin Masias, Jr.


I just passed the June 25, 2016 IELTS UKVI Exam held at Parklane Hotel!
I am very much grateful with the JROOZ Staff for being accommodating especially to the specific needs of us students like the schedule for classes. Also, I am very thankful to the center’s coaches who helped me with my preparation for the exams through their direct and honest criticism on where to improve and for providing techniques in answering the exams.

– Carina Elizabeth Alfanta



I am Edmar Jhun Brigoli , I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my dearest Jrooz family especially my mentors Sir Mark Anthony Doblas and Ms Nancy… These two remarkable guys gave all there best to provide me with a cutting edge strategy on how to approach the IELTS exams in the most appropriate manner.. Indeed, they were very much willing to extend much of there time just to cope up with my hectic schedule.. And all these efforts and sacrifices made me pass the exams… So to my dear Jrooz mentors, Thank you very much!!!… I would not be able to make it without you guys… And for all who are future IELTS takers, entrusting Jrooz your path for success in IELTS will always be the best decision you make, and I GUARANTEE YOU THAT! Thank you very much!!!!!

-Edmar Jhun Brigoli


I am Claudette Socorro, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to JROOZ for all the support that they have given me before, during, and after my IELTS Examination. My instructors, Mr. Mark Anthony Doblas and Ms. Nancy Joan Fuentes, really helped me to attain the scores that I need. The daily speaking drill,the mock examinations really boost not only my morale but also my confidence.

-Claudette Socorro

I am Katherine Hinggo, businesswoman. I feel like I’m at home whenever I go to JROOZ for my review. This is basically because the instructors are very approachable. Another attribute that I find very positive and beneficial is their utmost concern for their students to pass.

-Katherine Hinggo

JROOZ Review Center has helped me pass my IELTS exam. Their intensive and tailored review fitted right in to my schedule and desired time. I would have to say that if I did not take review classes, there could have been a big chance that I failed the exam and failing would hinder me from getting the scholarship in Korea that I am currently undergoing now. The staff was very friendly and supportive. They helped me every step of the way. It was very convenient for me.

-Karla Patricia Colmenar

My consultancy firm recommended JROOZ in my preparation for IELTS. I never had a second thought to enroll here. The schedules are definitely flexible, fitting for all the candidates who work and wants to review at the same time. It also trained me on how to attack the questions through test taking strategies. Also, the review materials were so helpful. The staffs are very accommodating and will assist to your needs as much as they can. They would not just treat you as their reviewee but they would also make you feel that you are a part of the family. Thank you very much JROOZ.

– Rose Ann Dellomas



“I reviewed with JRooz Davao for less than 2 weeks in early June & took my IELTS UK-VI test in June 25, 2016. The instructors gave direct & useful background information, & the materials they provided were sufficient to guide me in the countless hours I did my home self-study practices on speaking, reading, writing & listening. Yes, I read through all the pages of the two book volumes & listened to the entire audio CD given me! JRooz evaluated me through 3 mock tests & 2 speaking exams; and judged me ready to achieve my goal of a 7 but come July 8, I was pleasantly surprised to find an 8.5!

– Jason Javier


“Achieving your target IELTS score takes more than just intensive studying. Nothing can beat the skills developed through regular practice. The regular weekly mock exams and drills provided by JRooz helped a lot in honing my skills. It made me develop the mental discipline and attitude to deal with the pressures of a time-bounded exam. The variety of materials that JRooz uses aided in being prepared for diverse question types across the reading, listening and writing exams. The variable schedule scheme also made it easier to attend lectures and practice drills even while working full time. The staff members are friendly and are willing to assist you. Overall, having my IELTS review at JRooz had been a really great experience.”

– Franco Baynosa

Maean Carina Allado

I was a nurse for more than 2 years when I decided to take the IELTS. Last February 2014, I went to the British Council Fair at Pinnacle Hotel where I saw the booth of JROOZ IELTS Review Center Davao. I chose to enroll in JROOZ because of the review center’s accessibility in the city, their affordable rate for an unlimited review at my most convenient time, and their accommodating and friendly staff.
Since day one of my review class, they have given proper orientation of the process and exam components. That alone, set my goal’s directions clearer with their guidance. The teachers engage in interactive lectures, provide sufficient examples and explanation, and give tips on how to answer each IELTS test component. They conduct one-on-one speaking and writing practice exams with each student and give an objective evaluation based on the IELTS criteria afterwards. Answers to each weekly mock exam were also rationalized to the class, which helped me assess myself on how well and strategic I am in answering it and in achieving my desired score. Finally, when I was decided to book a date for my examination, they did it all on my behalf.
The facilities are great and conducive for learning. The teachers and staff are well-trained, friendly, and accommodating. Most of all, their over-all teaching, guidance and service extends an extra mile, and I did not regret in making JROOZ my partner in acing the IELTS exam.

– Ms. Maean Carina Allado, RN

Mariel Anne P. Loquias

My IELTS results were quite unexpected. From the start of my review with JROOZ, my goal was to only get 7.0 in all departments to qualify and jump start my NMC qualifications. However, with the help of the IELTS program of JROOZ, my results were more than what I hoped for. My teachers, ma’am Cristina, Jane and Ailah were very helpful and approachable. They taught me techniques in dealing with lengthy articles and strategies to use when writing strong essays for writing. They also gave me tips for my speaking exam, and how to conquer my stuttering and other speech impediments. I find their criticisms most helpful. Most of all, the program improved my confidence which was very essential for passing the tests. Moreover, the marketing staffs are very friendly. They helped me with communicating with British Council when changes with the UKVI requirements were implemented. The processing was made easy because of the people in the marketing department. All my thanks to JROOZ Review Center!

– Ms. Mariel Anne P. Loquias

Karlyn Ladesma

Hi! I am truly grateful for my IELTS review experience at Jrooz Davao City. They have affordable review fees, flexible schedules and adequate facilities and tools for learning. With sheer determination and prayer, I got 7 instead of just hitting my required overall band score of 5.5 in general training. Of course, I  cannot fathom my success without the infallible efforts of my teachers — Maam Jinggay, Maam Ailah, Maam April, and Sir Conrad in honing my English proficiency skills. Kudos to the staff and more power!

– Ms. Karlynn Ladesma,RN

Jaclyn De Vera

I would like to thank the JROOZ staff for all the help you gave me. The coaching and mock exams are very helpful to identify which area I need to improve on. Also, JROOZ has lots of available schedule especially for reviewers who are working.

Rock on JROOZ. Review Center!

– Ms. Jaclyn de Vera

Brian Dale Saligumba

Jrooz is a review center with a good facilities to practice English. With their encouraging mentors, we were able to improve our communication skills. They are eager to help their students in every possible way. I was able to improve my writing and speaking skills before the IELTS test. With a passing grade, I would like to thank Jrooz family for helping me.

– Mr. Brian Dale Saligumba

Cyra Anne Go

I would like to thank Jrooz Review Center, especially Ms. Jinggay and Ms. Arianne of Davao City, for effectively guiding me towards achieving my target scores. I believe that the most helpful parts of the review program are the coaching sessions and the mock exams. Thanks to Jrooz I got a score of 9 in the listening test and a total band score of 7.5, which is more than I have hoped for.

– Ms. Cyra Anne T. Go, RN


Evelyn Enriquez
JROOZ Instructors have high standards with TOEFL scores especially Ma’am Gene, the reason why I was motivated each day to practice speaking via the techniques and sample questions provided to us. They have one-on-one coaching that aided me in identifying my strengths to uphold and weaknesses to improve. In addition, the live speaking and live mock simulations facilitated by Ma’am Gene were challenging enough to make me realize that TOEFL review is a continuous process. It was a joint effort between me and the JROOZ TOEFL instructors. Their expertise and faith in our capabilities inspired me to get a perfect score in speaking and a passing mark overall. Thank you Ma’am Gene, Sir Eric and all the staff of JROOZ for accommodating us in our daily review and giving us hope. I highly recommend JROOZ to be part of our American pursuit as Physical Therapists.

– Evelyn Enriquez, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Peter Paul Dizon
The late nights, waking up 4am every morning just to arrive at Manila from Pampanga, the worries I had for my progress in speaking, and all the weird talking I have been doing in the shower and while walking on the road have finally paid off! Ever since from my PT local review, I have been with Jrooz and I must say, they have 5 star teachers! When I started Jrooz for TOEFL, in the beginning it was very frustrating and difficult. I couldn’t seem to attain the necessary skills for the whole speaking task. But as I said, they have very dedicated and excellent teachers, Ma’am Gene and Sir Eric to help us out. They would push us to the limit, and give us crazy questions that were extremely brain-draining. It was a long process before we got used to it, as the saying goes “better more than less”. Every now and then I would approach them to ask for tips on how to tackle certain speaking tasks, as I didn’t seem to feel like moving up a level. Yes, it did take me awhile before taking the exam, but it was what I needed, enough time. I would like to thank Grandison Management and Jrooz for the wonderful opportunity you have brought to us. Thank you for our TOefl mentors/teachers/friends for making our classes fun and awesome! So as the rest of the kind staff that would accommodate us. Sir Nathan, Ma’am Tita, Ma’am Lou, Ma’am Mags, Ma’am Patty, Ma’am K, Ma’am Mich, My professors from AUF and friends for the push:)Thank you to my family for supporting me, and last but not least, thank you to God that he has helped me each day. Hoping to inspire more future PTRPs to soon take up NPTE as well! “Want it? Go get it.”

– Peter Paul Dizon, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Nikko Dy Gonzales
Jrooz Manila TOEFL review rocks. They have educators who are very passionate to lead you to your goal. They are very patient and keep on pushing you to strive harder. They never look into your weakness as a weakness. Instead, they want you to visualize it as a strength. Their review materials and teaching skills are very effective and helpful whether you’re a newbie or not. I’m so thankful that I’m one of their reviewers. Honestly, I’ve been depressed couple of times because I feel like I can’t make it but with all those encouraging words from Sir Eric Punzalan and the fearless Ms. Gene Macalintal, I learned to trust myself and see that I can make it. So thank you so much Jrooz Manila for making my dreams come true.

– Nikko Dy Gonzales, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Caseyline Navarro
I am one step closer to my dreams! Thanks to JROOZ Manila for their top-level coaching and for having the best training materials out there! I could not have made it if not for your support and the tips and strategies you taught me. I specially want to thank Ms. Gene and Sir Eric, the best coaches you could ever find, for their patience and encouraging words all throughout the training and practice tests. More power!

– Caseyline Navarro, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Stephanie Anne Edano
TOEFL is not as easy as it seems but not impossible to pass especially with the help of JROOZ Review Center. In line with this, I am thankful to all their staff for being approachable in dealing with all my inquiries and concerns. For the wonderful instructors of the TOEFL review that are very friendly, funny, supportive and has made my stay a memorable one like: Sir Eric, with the knowledge I acquired from you, for all the tips and ideas which helped me understand TOEFL even more that made answering every aspect of exam manageable; Ms. Gene, thank you for pushing me to do my best that gave me confidence and motivation, for always telling us how possible it is for us to achieve our American dream and for all the advice that you gave us that made us better. Thank you to my mom, family, friends, colleagues and my boyfriend “Arthur” for the incessant support and prayers. Lastly, to Our Almighty God, thank you for all the unending help and blessings that you continually give. To God be the glory!

– Stephanie Anne Edaño, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Jullian Paul Ramos
I had so much fun with Jrooz. At first, I thought it would be hard for us to pass the TOEFL but the professors here made it just easy. They are very professional, hardworking and most importantly, they have this unique passion in teaching and helping others reach their dreams. Thank you to our top caliber coaches, Ms. Gene “the fashionista” Macalintal and Sir Eric “the amiable” Punzalan for not being tired of sharing your inspirational messages, you pushed us to our limits and encouraged us; you identified our weaknesses and turned it as an advantage. As a result of all these efforts, we are victorious. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank God, who is above all and everyone in Jrooz and Grandison for being part of this success. I highly recommend Jrooz to other aspiring physical therapists out there and let them lead you to the american dream. Thank you very much and I truly appreciate what you have all done.

– Jullian Paul Ramos, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Joana Mari Calaycay
I am now one step closer to my American dream. I am now a TOEFL i-BT passer and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Jrooz Review Center and for that, thank you very much. Also, I would like to thank the very hard working and ever energetic instructors behind our TOEFL review, Sir Eric and Ms. Gene who motivated us to push harder and go beyond our limits! They helped us build our confidence through their comprehensive lectures and materials. I really learned a lot from them and I was able to apply it during the actual TOEFL i-BT and the results were great!

– Joana Mari Calaycay, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Jerricson Patrick Merc Llanos
Jrooz Review Center for TOEFL iBT has the materials and the strategy that every test takers would need for the exam. It’s a good decision that I choose Jrooz to become my partner in overcoming the TOEFL iBT- my time and resources never wasted. Thank you to the administration and the instructors of Jrooz, for being topnotch and being effective in making their students well equipped and skilled enough to tackle the exam. You made a step in our professional ladder, a success, and your help is immeasurable. Thank you and more power!

– Jerricson Patrick Merc PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Krisselle Jalos
You really learned well when you learned from the best. This accomplishment will never be possible without the continuous guidance of our mentors, Ms. Gene and Sir Eric. They did not just impart to us the wisdom needed to pass the Toefl iBT examination but they also supported us like a parent to his children in times of feeling like giving up due to the difficulties we had during the review. All the efforts and sacrifices from the past few months were all worth it the moment I saw the results of my performance. God is good. Now, I am a certified Toefl iBT passer and I am proud to be part of the Jrooz family. This is a step closer to my American Dream.

– Krisselle Jalos, PTRP TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Maria Bea Danica Castillo
I would especially like to thank Jrooz Review Center for equipping us students with the appropriate knowledge that we need in order to overcome this very challenging exam! From the PT Local Boards to TOEFL, Jrooz has been with me every step of the way. Their extremely competent instructors have always been there to give me important tips and hints for my exams. They have indeed been a delight to work with, and are very funny and approachable. Passing the TOEFL examination is a big stepping stone for us Physical Therapists, and we owe it to Jrooz that we are able to go forward in our next step! It is truly an honor to have been trained by the best review center and instructors that the metro has to offer. Truly, JRooz Review Center delivers quality education to those who enroll in their programs! Thank you so much, Jrooz! I am now one step closer to my goal! NPTE Review, here I come!

– Maria Bea Danica Castillo, PTRP TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Marites Diong
Today I am very blessed to receive a great blessing from God. I am now a TOEFL-iBT certified. It’s been a bumpy journey to attain success but I learned a lot from it. My gratefulness overflows, first, to the Lord Almighty for the guidance & protection indeed with God nothing is impossible; second, to Jrooz Review Center Manila for the very warmth accommodation & support, it was the best decision I made to enroll in your center; to Sir Eric & Ms. Gene for the excellent coaching. I truly appreciate your positive vibes & encouragement though at times I felt I didn’t responded well in the tasks especially in speaking.  Thank you so much Jrooz family! You’re the best!!!! Also, to my family, friends & relatives for the undying support thank you! Words are not enough to express how grateful I am. To God be the Glory!


Kathleen Limpiada
I’m truly proud to be one of the TOEFL victors of Jrooz review center! The journey will never be easy at first. But with determination, proper guidance and practice anything is possible. Nothing great comes that easy. I’m just so blessed with the exceptional and excellent English mentors that Jrooz review center have. They guided us from the very beginning until the end, thank you Maam Gene and Sir Eric for inspiring and motivating me. All the mock exams and live simulations are indeed helpful in making me improve my diction, grammar and comprehension in English. With Jrooz family beside you, passing TOEFL is indeed possible! I ‘am now two steps closer to my American dream. God is always in control. Thank you my Jrooz family for being a BIG part of it.  IT WAS A BATTLE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

– Kathleen Limpiada, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

Mary Jane Samson
Studying TOEFL has never been so easy. I’ve been into a lot of training in order to improve my diction, grammar and pronunciation and appropriately answer TOEFL questions. It’s a process in order to learn and adapt everything. Aside from that I also need to travel from Pampanga to Manila everyday to attend important lectures and coaching, a lot of preparations were needed. But, thank God it was all worth it! All the hard work is paid off! Thanks to the JROOZ family who support me all the way. To Ma’am Gene and Sir Eric Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, teaching us and inspiring us not only to become a TOEFL passer but also to become a good Physical Therapist. It was a blessing meeting you both! Reviewing TOEFL and passing it is such a wonderful experience. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

– Mary Jane Samson, PTRP, TOEFL i-BT CERTIFIED

The TOEFL Exam was a big hurdle that I was able to overcome because of the diligent effor of the teachers at JRooz Makati Review Center.

– Divina Sagum

Hi my name is Pam! I am not a good English speaker but with the help of the JRoos instructors, I finally passed my TOEFL exam! I have been to many review centers before but my JRooz Review experience was totally different. The instructors were very hands on and they gave me feedback for every activity especially in speaking. Because of this, I was able to gain self confidence in speaking in front of people. This really helped me ace my speaking TOEFL Test! My warmest gratitude to all my instructors Sir Lalon, Miss Ket, Sir Marlo and Miss Kaila. I can’t thank you enough guys for helping me achieve this. To God Be The Glory!

– Pamela Navidad

The road to passing the TOEFL is like walking a tightrope. However, if you have brilliant coaches like those in JRooz, passing this nerve wracking test is as easy as driving on the freeway. Thanks to the instructors who helped me in passing this examination with flying color! to my JRooz family, keep up the good work! God bless us always!

– Sharlene Escanilla


I am Jazfer Flordeliz , a candidate from Amehan Job Placement Services. I recently took the TOEFL IBT and fortunately aced it! I could not thank JROOZ Review Center, the instructors and my co-reviewees, enough for being of great help to my success. The instructors were very friendly and approachable so I never had a hard time in feeling at ease during my review. The mock tests and activities were very comprehensive too. I especially like the “hot seat” activity wherein I had to answer some TOEFL questions in front of the instructors and the rest of the reviewees . At first of course it felt so awkward, but I then realized that it was of my own advantage because it helped me gain my confidence when I took the actual test. The mock exams also give me test taking strategies which were very useful when I took the actual test. I felt that it was a bit easier than I expected. The instructors used to tell us that TOEFL means USA but I say JROOZ means passing the TOEFL. I’m so proud that I am a part of JROOZ Family.

– Jazfer Flordeliz,  Amehan Job Placement Services


I am Analyn Tabaniag , a candidate from Tender Touch Incorporated. I cannot imagine taking and passing the TOEFL if not because of JROOZ Review Center. I had my own reviewers and thought of reviewing for the TOEFL IBT all by myself since I am a working mom. However, I always end up setting my reviewers aside. Thank God, I found JROOZ Review Center here in Cebu. The center gave me a schedule that suits me best as a physical therapist and a mother of two. My review experience was amazing! I was more than ready when I took the actual test because I was not only equipped with the knowledge and test taking strategy but above all I had the needed confidence. Thanks to my instructors who had extended their help from grammar to speech until the technicalities in TOEFL. I salute JROOZ Review Center for a job well done, not only to me but to most of my colleagues.

– Analyn Tabaniag,  Tender Touch Incorporated


I am Jerrar Ingalls, a Grandison Management candidate. The opportunity to work as a licensed physical therapist in the United States is something I believe is very achievable now. But, there are a lot of sacrifices and adversities that I have to overcome, one of those is the dreaded TOEFL iBT. I described it as dreaded since I have friends, who I believe are fluent English speakers, fail the test over and over again. I have the utmost confidence in JROOZ review center since they were responsible for the additional PTRP to my name. And they sure haven’t failed me, I reviewed for 2 weeks and from that short time, I had the confidence and the techniques I need to pass the TOEFL iBT. When the results were out, I thought I was only going to get a 26 in speaking, but I got a 30 and an overall score of 103.

– Jerrar Ingalls,  Grandison Management

I am Joanne Que from United Methodists Home and Services. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, He gave me a score that was more than what is being required. I passed. To God be the glory! My heartfelt thanks to JRooz Review Center, especially to Nappy   (sounds like a gay name), to Sir Gerar, and to Ms. Dove for helping us on how to answer the questions properly. Let’s all congratulate ourselves for the job well done. I’m praying for the success of my colleagues, and God bless to those who are going to take the exam. May the God of hope fill all of us with all joy and peace as we trust in Him. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

– Joanne Que,  United Methodists Home and Services

I cannot thank JROOZ enough for not only giving me the proper skill set to pass the TOEFL exam but also making me a confident individual especially when speaking the English language in front of people. Also, I passed the exam with flying colors and had results higher than I expected especially on the speaking section.

– Ryan Nartia, PTRP

I am a Physical Therapist, and one of the things that I needed to do before taking my National Physical Therapy Exam in the United States was to take the TOEFL exam first. I joined JROOZ Learning Center to prepare for it. It was really difficult for me along the way because I needed to get a passing grade of 26/30 in speaking, but JROOZ taught me very well. They gave me the techniques to answer and how to speak efficiently to get a score of 27/30. Finally, now I can focus myself in preparation for my National Physical Therapy Exam. Thank you JROOZ for the help that you gave to achieve my dreams.

– Rhod Carbiero, PTRP

Undoubtedly, JROOZ-TOEFL-ibt review program has given the opportunity in fulfilling my “American Dream”. With its top caliber TOEFL-ibt lecturers, I was able to learn various test-taking strategies and techniques in attacking this life-changing test. They were extremely helpful and it did augment my English proficiency skills most especially the speaking part. After all the hard work and support of my TOEFL mentors, it all paid off. I am very happy and proud to receive my passing TOEFL scores with 29/30 on the speaking part.

My special thanks to the Jrooz Teachers for their invaluable support and imparting to me all the knowledge they have that brought me in this stage of success. You are really a part of this great achievement in my life and career. I will forever be grateful. GOD BLESS and MORE POWER to JROOZ TOEFL TEAM.

– John Pelos, PTRP


I like to consider that passing the TOEFL-iBT Exam was simply one of the few stepping stones that I had to make and not an obstacle that I had to overcome. Because of this, I’m extremely happy, and I would like to share this joy with the people who were behind this particular episode of my success. Therefore, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the endearing instructors—Sir Eric, Ma’am Mica, Ma’am Musngi, and Ma’am Joanna—and the rest of the amiable staff of JRooz TOEFL Review Center (Manila). I wouldn’t have made it this far on my own in just a short period of time hadn’t it been for the instructors’ sincere willingness to help me further improve my English skills, endless encouragements, insightful feedbacks, and pleasing personalities. Because of them, my review days had been truly worthwhile and enjoyable. Thank you, JRooz Manila!

– Beatrice Bernadette Y. Bayona, PTRP, TOEFL iBT CERTIFIED


I am humbly extending my deepest gratitude to the JROOZ Makati TOEFL family especially to Mam Ket and Sir Marlo for believing in my capabilities and for equipping us students with strategies to ace our exam. I admit that it was a rough journey to me because I lack the confidence in facing this hurdle but thanks for the never ending encouragement and guidance from the Instructors. I am now proud to say that I finally did it! Thank you JRooz Makati! More power and God bless!

– Cherissa Punongbayan


The review helped me fine tune my command over the English language which equipped me with the confidence and skills to pass the TOEFL. I recommend going through the review because the results of it are hard to argue with.

– Andre Lo Pontino, Grandison Scholar Cebu


First of all, I would like to thank God for guiding me throughout my review. I feel so blessed that I landed with familiar questions that day. I would also like to thank my family and friends, JROOZ family and the TOEFL mentors for the support. Special mention to Sir Janrick! I found you intimidating the first time you coached us but you reallu gave good points for us to remember. That helped me a lot during the exam. Besides, you were actually a fun mentor during classes (bumawi!:p). Keep rocking JROOZ and God Bless!

– Raecy T. Borromeo, Grandison Scholar Cebu


I would like to thank Jrooz for helping me in my TOEFL exam. The tips given by the instructors were very helpful. All four areas in my reading, listening, speaking, and writing definitely improved. The coaching sessions in speaking were pretty difficult as the topics were sometimes too hard to grasp, but because of that, during my actual test, the speaking part became easy for me. I perfected the speaking part with a score of 30 and I owe it all to my Jrooz family! I highly recommend this review center. Thank you so much and more power Jrooz!

– Farah Marie Elacion, RN

Taking the TOEFL-iBT exam is one of the biggest hurdle in my career as a Physical Therapist, especially the speaking part. Since I’m not fluent with the English language, it took me two review centers, five months of coaching, willpower and tons of convincing powers from my Jrooz instructors, colleagues and friends to finally give it a shot after my two years. My utmost gratitude to you guys. Kudos!

– Pearl Castro

I did it! I passed my TOEFL Exam! It was really a good decision on my part to review with JROOZ. I really appreciate all the coaching sessions and the techniques I’ve learned from my instructors. Now I can focus on my NPTE.

– Marlon Abogado


My journey to pass the TOEFL-IBT has not been easy. But with the help of JrooZ TOEFL Review Center in Makati. I finally made it! I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to my instructors Ms. Ket, Sir Marlo and Sir Lalon. Thank you for all the positive and negative feedbacks, tips and as well as your endless encouragement which really helped me gain confidence. I could’ve not done it without your support. Here’s wishing you continued success in your profession. Thank you and God Bless!

– Diana Marie Alvarado

Being a TOEFL I-BT certified is a blessing that I worked hard for. With 3 weeks of preparation, JROOZ Review proved that they can maximize the short span of time. It was never easy at first. All the questions in the simulations and diagnostics are truly difficult. But their unending support and determination to help us, and a little prayer, was all I needed to develop the skills necessary for me to garner a passing score. From the people at the front desk who assisted me at my first visit, all the way back to the professors at laboratory who brought the best in me, I say “thank you.” I will forever support and pray for your future goal. KUDOS!

– Levin Tugas Gamponia RN, TOEFL IBT CERTIFIED


I can now proudly say that I am of those who conquered the TOEFL-iBT exam! Of course, this achievement would not be possible without the help of Jrooz Review Center and its competitive instructors who have guided us throughout the review. To Sir Eric, Ma’am Gene, Ma’am Mica and Ma’am Lou, thank you for giving me encouraging words that I needed and for always believing in me. It was really hard at first and most times it was really frustrating when I can’t seem to provide appropriate answers for the speaking activities. However, with the help of the materials that they provided, I was able to improve my speaking skills which in turn helped me gain the confidence that I needed for the exam. Now that I have passed the TOEFL exam, I will be forever grateful to the Jrooz family for helping me take a step closer to my American dream!

– Ana Theresa Cardenas, PTRP, TOEFL iBT CERTIFIED


Three months ago, I began the journey towards my American dream by choosing Jrooz Manila as my review center in preparation for the TOEFL-iBT exam. Today, I am glad to have made that decision. Furthermore, this achievement was made possible because the help and support of my family and friends which proved to be the source of my strength during my review period. Also, my mentors, Sir Eric, Miss Mica and Miss Loudy, who helped me prepare for the test by improving my grammar and diction through the various tasks and assignments. Through their teaching, I was able to succeed in this endeavor. Lastly, I will not be able to land to this ground of success without the divine intervention of the Almighty Father, from whom all things come from. Through the experiences I have acquired during this period I have learned that one should aim for progress and not just for perfection.

– Dave Ramonette Trimañez, PTRP – TOEFL-iBT CERTIFIED


What makes JROOZ an excellent review center for TOEFL is that it tailor English language. Whether a student is a beginner or has a relatively advanced level of English proficiency, JROOZ instructors ensure that all of a student’s potential areas of improvement are accounted for and worked on. In doing so, students are able to finish their programs well prepared and adequately equipped with all of the practical tools and knowledge needed to ace the TOEFL. All in all, JROOZ does not only teach people how to pass the TOEFL from a theoretical standpoint. With the constant support and encouragement given by its instructors, JROOZ also instills within its students the values of self-confidence and hard work; thereby, making them realize their full potential and molding them to become the best versions of themselves.

– La Verne Ramir Certeza, TOEFL iBT CERTIFIED


I’m thankful for my Jrooz family! Not only did they help me prepare for my exam by pushing me and giving me the necessary information I needed to pass, their instructors were always there for me to guide and always push me to try harder as well.

– Pita Marie Ozaraga, PTRP, TOEFL iBT CERTIFIED

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